There are key differences between a protein skimmer and a pond skimmer for outdoor fish ponds. While these two devices have a similar name, and they both benefit the water quality of a fish pond, they work in different ways and serve different functions.A pond skimmer is a necessary component ...Continue Reading

Aquaculture is a growing industry around the world, and as it is developing, new techniques are emerging. Farming fish in ponds is by far the most widespread technique used, but fish farming in cages is gradually becoming more and more popular. This method is known as cage aquaculture.Several different types ...Continue Reading

Before starting the construction of a fish pond, it is best to get all the necessary tools and equipment together first. What you need to build a fish pond depends on the site where you want to construct it, the size of the pond you want to build, and your ...Continue Reading

Different fish farms use various kinds of ponds for holding, breeding, and fattening up fish. Even within a single fish farm, there may be a few different types of ponds for managing the fish. The types of ponds that a particular fish farm uses are based on the species of ...Continue Reading

Indoor fish farming involves a lot of specialized equipment to raise fish successfully for commercial purposes. Some of the essential pieces of equipment you will need include tanks, a filtration system, handling equipment, water testing, pumps, aerators, and feeders.In this article, we will look at the different types of equipment ...Continue Reading

Fish feeding methods have a massive impact on production efficiency. Before you select a fish feeding practice for your farm, you must consider the life stage of your fish, impact on fish metabolism due to variations in water temperature, the characteristics of your culture system, and the ease of access ...Continue Reading

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While it may not be so obvious in the case of fish as it is in humans, all aquatic creatures need oxygen to stay alive. Unlike the air we breathe as land-dwelling beings, fish rely on the oxygen diluted in the water they reside in for their needs. Natural water ...Continue Reading