Lobster is tasty seafood that many people love worldwide, and lobster farming can be a highly profitable enterprise. Since the early twentieth century, lobster farming has been practiced to supply the enormous demand for meat from these crustaceans. With that in mind, what is there to know about lobster farming?Healthy ...Continue Reading

One of the gravest matters facing the world today is food security. With the earth’s population set to reach 8 billion by 2023 and 9 billion by 2032, there is a serious need to meet the growing demand for sustainable protein sources. This is why aquaculture is a fast-growing industry ...Continue Reading

One of the most lucrative businesses worldwide is shrimp farming, and it is an aquaculture enterprise found in either a marine or freshwater setting. Furthermore, its primary goal is to produce shrimp for consumption, and freshwater shrimp agriculture is becoming increasingly popular among individuals to begin farming in the aquacultural ...Continue Reading

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Oyster Farming is an economical and beneficial way of not overfishing the natural supply. Oyster farming in the United States has grown massively over the past few decades. As a result, it has a promising future in food sustainably. But how do you farm Oysters?Oysters are farmed using the bottom ...Continue Reading

In light of Singapore’s recent construction of an eight-story vertical fish farm, discussions around the feasibility of large-indoor fish farms in urban areas have become a topic of conversation among commercial fish farmers and advocates of food security. But what fish can you farm on a vertical fish farm?While vertical ...Continue Reading